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A view of Montserrat basilica from afar
A view of Montserrat basilica from afar

Montserrat is one of the most popular and unique treasures that Catalonia has to offer. First and foremost a sanctaury, Montserrat is of religious and historical significance. Once the place of a religious sighting, it has now come to symbolise one of the most important sites for religious pilgrimage in the world. The Monastery's unique location at the very heart of Montserrat Mountain also ensures that is is an ideal location for nature lovers - the geology, flora and fauna of the natural park mean that you can while away hours on the many walks that begin at the Monastery.

With over two million visitors each year, Montserrat has adapted to cater to the needs of large groups of tourists. Alongside the monastery and basilica there are two museums, a selection of shops and eateries and guided tour services around the area. The main body of Montserrat Monastery has been well adapted to ensure that it is manageable to get around if you are a limited mobility traveller. There are also convenient links to the remote Monastery by car, train, rack railway and cable car.

The famous Montserrat l'Escolania Boy's Choir
The famous Montserrat l'Escolania Boy's Choir

Whether you are young or old, religious or academic, you will find something of interest at Montserrat. Some people come for the famous choir who sing in the basilica every day, others come for the walks around Montserrat Mountain. Some people are on pilgrimages to see the Black Madonna statue whilst others are interested in the impressive architecture of the monastery buildings. Whatever your reason for coming to Montserrat, chances are, you will leave with some unforgettable memories.

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There are two organized tours that save you the time and trouble of organizing your own trip to Montserrat. They include return journey from Barcelona to Montserrat in an air conditioned bus. You can choose either a half day morning tour or half day afternoon tour.

Morning Tour

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Montserrat Basilica
Montserrat Basilica

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