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Climbing in Montserrat

Covid-19 update

According to the latest official Covid measures in Catalonia, there are no more mobility restrictions within Catalonia since 26 April 2021, which means travelling between Montserrat and Barcelona is allowed. We recommend you visit our Barcelona latest Covid updates page for the latest Covid-related updates in Barcelona.

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Montserrat Monastery sits at the top of Montserrat Mountain. The Mountain has been declared a Natural Park and it is a place of great natural beauty. If you would like to feel really connected to the mountain, what better way to do this than by climbing on its rocks. There are no climbing facilities at Montserrat Monastery itself, however, the nearby town of El Bruc has a climbing company who will provide you with lessons and equipment for going camping.

Montserrat Mountain
Montserrat Mountain

This page will let you know about the areas of Montserrat Mountain where it is possible to go climbing. It will also provide you with links to climbing facilities in Montserrat.

Where to go climbing on Montserrat

There are two main areas of Montserrat where you can go climbing: Sant Salvador and Santa Magdalena. Within these areas there are certain sections of the mountain that are popular with climbers.

Sant Salvador:
La Prenyada
R. de Sant Salvador

Santa Magdalena:
Gorra Frigia
Magdalena Superior
Magdalena Inferior
Gorra Marinera

If you are at Montserrat Monastery and would like to find out more about where you can go climbing. Head to one of the Tourist Information Offices and they will provide you with a walking map of the area and talk you through the sections of the mountain that are popular for climbing.

Climbing businesses in Montserrat

Montserrat's Mountain Terrain
Montserrat's Mountain Terrain

There is no climbing business actually at Montserrat Monastery. However, if you head to the nearby town of El Bruc you will find a company called La Sargantana you can hire climbing equipment and book sessions. They will offer you packages where you can go climbing in groups or as an individual at various levels. See their website (link provided below) - which is available in English, for details of the different packages that they offer.

La Sargantana
Amadeu Vives 16,
08293 Collbató, España.

Tel: +34 90 287 5785

Web: Official La Sargantana Climbing Company Website

For more details on the geography, flora and fauna and history of Montserrat Mountain, see our Montserrat Mountain and our Natural Park aritlces.

Climbing is a an exhilerating way to see Montserrat Mountain. If you are interested in a climbing holiday to the area, you can stay in one of the nearby hotels and have a real adventure. Do some research and make some bookings in advance and it should make the trip more simple and enjoyable.

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