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Walking Routes Around Montserrat Mountain and The Monastery

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For many visitors to Montserrat, their visit would not be complete without doing one of the walks around Montserrat mountain. It is easy to plan a trip to Montserrat and forget that you will be visiting far more than just a Monastery - you will be visiting a whole mountain.

This page will provide you with information on the main walks that you can take from Montserrat Monastery to different locations on Montserrat mountain. There will be information on the length of the walks, an estimated walk time, advice of any parts of the walk that might be particularly difficult and details on what to look out for during your journey. There is also links to more detailed pages on both the Montserrat mountain and Montserrat natural park.

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The most popular walks at Montserrat

Before deciding what walks you would like to do whilst you are at Montserrat, it is worth taking a look at the Map of Montserrat. This will enable you to gain a better understanding of the layout of the area and find points that are of particular interest to you. Some of the walks will require you first taking one of the funiculars from Montserrat (see below for more details) - if this is the case, it will be detailed in the description.

Montserrat Monastery to The Degotalls

Description of the walk

This walk will take you along the walls descending from the flats of the Trinity, which is situated about 200 metres above the walk. Below you will be able to see the Pyrenees and the flatlands of the Llobregat valley. You will find lush vegetation (for more specific information on the vegetation in the mountain, see our Guide to Montserrat natural park).

The shady lighting of the walk means that Montserrat Monastery recommend it as a good walk for those who would like the opportunity for self-meditation.

Directions of the walk

  1. Follow the road towards Monistrol.
  2. In front of the Mirador dels Apostols building, take the path on your left that runs parallel to the highway (direction North West)
  3. Take this path until you reach the 'Degotalls' (this will take approximately 25 minutes).
  4. You can then return back - along the walk you will find monuments of artists and interesting trees.

Slope: 20 metres
Length of walk: 3.20 kilometres
Duration of walk: 50 Minutes (approximately)
Difficulty of walk: Very easy

Monastery to Santa Cova

Description of the walk

This is probably one of the most popular walks at Montserrat. It takes you to the important pilgrim site, Santa Cova, where an image of the Virgin Mary is believed to have been seen. For details on the history of Santa Cova and what it is all about, see our Guide to Santa Cova.

Directions of the walk

1. Head to the cable car station of the Santa Cova funicular. To do this, you can either walk down the steep steps to its right, or you can take the cable car down from Montserrat Monastery. For details of the opening times, prices and running times of the Funicular de Santa Cova, see our Guide to Santa Cova Funicular.

2. Take the cemented path between the station and the tunnel of the rack railway.

3. Take the path until you reach the point where the path veers to the left (this will take about 8 minutes). Then carry on to the lower station of the funicular.

4. Continue along 'The Path of the Rosary'. About 20 minutes later you will arrive at the base of St Paul's needle. This is under the flat of St. Miquel.

5. Continue along for another 25 minutes (approximately) and you will arrive at the chapel and grotto of Santa Cova.

6. To come back, you should simply follow the same route back.

Slope: 120 metres
Length of walk: 2.70 kilometres
Duration of walk: 1 hour 10 minutes (approximately)
Difficulty of walk: There is a sharp ascension at the end (but this can be avoided by taking the funicular back up).

Sant Joan Funicular (upper station) to Montserrat (via Sant Jeroni and Flat of Els Ocells)

Description of the walk

This is a walk that brings to the highest point of Montserrat Mountain and allows you to take in some of the most interesting points of natural interest in Montserrat Natural park.

Directions of the walk

  1. Firstly, you will need to take the Funicular de Sant Joan from Montserrat Monastery to Sant Joan (for details of prices, running times and location of this, see our page on the Funicular de Sant Joan.
  2. From the doorway of the upper station of the funicular, turn right and follow the path facing North West.
  3. About 12 minutes later you will arrive at the Gorra Frigia (you will be underneath it) and on the horizon you will be able to see the peak of Sant Jeroni (for details on the geology and history of Sant Jeroni, see our Guide to Montserrat Mountain).
  4. After you have walked along the path that takes you through the rocks, you will see a lookout to your left.
  5. Continue along the edge of the ridge (ensuring that you do not take the side road to the Pollegons or the side road to the Pont).
  6. This path will lead you to the head of the valley. Here you will enter a forest.
  7. After about 35 minutes you will need to cross the Torrent of Santa Maria (there is a small wooden bridge).
  8. About 45 minutes later you will arrive at the Hermitage of Sant Jeroni. Continue to your left, going up.
  9. About 10 minutes later you will have arrived at the top of Sant Jeroni.
  10. For your return journey you will need to go through the valley. Turn back on yourself. Two minutes later, take a path to your left.
  11. Leave the path and continue to the Pla dels Ocells (it will take you about 1 hour 35 minutes to reach this point).
  12. You will pass two crossings to your right and another one to your left. Walk under the Panxa del Bisbe.
  13. Further on, the path meets the GR-7.2.
  14. Turn to your right and head down a long set of descending steps that cross the narrow path of Del Frances - this path will lead you back to the Monastery.

Slope: 320 metres
Length of walk: 7.50 kilometres
Duration of walk: 2 hours 5 minutes (approximately)
Difficulty of walk: There is a sharp ascension sections throughout the walk

Sant Joan Funicular (upper station) to Montserrat Monastery (via Path of La Serra Llarga and the Holy cave)

Description of the walk

This is a nice gradual walk that offers views of the Llobregat Valley and the River Llobregat.

Directions of the walk

  1. Take the funicular to Sant Joan (see above for more details).
  2. From the upper station of the funicular take the wide path on your left that goes upwards and towards the South east.
  3. You will arrive at a point where you are facing a peak.
  4. At this point, descent towards the Flat of Saint Miquel (this will take about 20 minutes).
  5. Here you will find the path of Les Bateries.
  6. In front of you, take the path that borders the mountain to the south. About 35 minutes later, the path abruptly turns North.
  7. From this point you can gain a panoramic view of the River Llobregat and the mountains of Sant Salvador, Puigventos, Sant Llorenç and Montseny.
  8. In about 45 minutes you will arrive at a small mountain called La Fita. Here you will find the Path of Forat.
  9. Continue straight to arrive at the Holy Cave (this will take you about an hour).
  10. See above for how to return to the Monastery from Santa Cova Holy Cave.

Slope: 150 metres
Length of walk: 5.20 kilometres
Duration of walk: 1 hour 30 minutes (approximately)
Difficulty of walk: Easy, apart from steep part at the end.

Tip For each of the walks mentioned above you can find a map of the walk at the tourist offices at Montserrat. For details of the locations and opening times of the offices, see our Guide to Tourist Information at Montserrat.

Advice in relation to your walk

  1. Bring water with you - there are very few water fountains on the walking routes.
  2. It is best not to smoke. But if you do smoke, be sure to be careful with your cigarette butts.
  3. Do not pick any of the wild flowers and make sure that you respect the plants.
  4. If you have a picnic during your walk.

Tip It could be a very nice idea to take a picnic with you for your walk - there are lots of opportunities to shop and find a flat rock to enjoy a spot to eat. And if you're lucky, you could end up dining with some impressive views of the mountain. You don't need to buy your picnic ingredients in advance - there is a small supermarket and some local produce stalls at montserrat monastery. For details of their opening times, average prices and what they have to offer, see our Guide to the Shops at Montserrat.

On a trip to Montserrat, to gain a real understanding of the Montserrat Mountain and Montserrat Natural Park, it is a excellent idea to go for a walk. This is a a way to spend some time in quiet refection, away from the tourist crowds. Bring some walking shoes, make a trip to Tourist Information for a map (see above) and start walking!

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