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Closest Airport to Montserrat Monastery: Barcelona Airport (El Prat de Llobregat, BCN)

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Despite Montserrat's popularity, you won't be surprised to hear that it does not have its own airport. However, its location in the heart of Catalonia ensures that it is close to a grand total of three airports: Barcelona Airport, Reus Airport and Girona Airport. Of these three options, Barcelona Airport is the closest - sitting approximately 60 km from Montserrat Mountain.

This page will provide an overview to the facilities at Barcelona Airport: shops, disabled facilities left luggage, lost property and parking. It will also provide you with information on how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona Airport.

Book tickets for your half day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona with return journey

There are two organized tours that save you the time and trouble of organizing your own trip to Montserrat. They include return journey from Barcelona to Montserrat in an air conditioned bus. You can choose either a half day morning tour or half day afternoon tour.

Morning Tour

How to get from Barcelona Airport to Montserrat

Unfortunately, there are not many direct options for getting from Barcelona Airport to Montserrat. Here are the different options that are available to you:

The different transport options for getting to Montserrat:
  • Taxi: It is about 60 km from Barcelona to Montserrat Monastery.
    Taxi Fare: €90.00
  • Rental car: See our Car Hire to Montserrat page for how to hire a car at Barcelona Airport to drive to Montserrat and driving instructions from Barcelona to Montserrat.
  • Train: If you want to catch the train to Montserrat, you will firstly need to head into Barcelona city centre. You can take the Aerobus shuttle bus service from terminal 1 or 2 of the Airport. Get off the bus at Plaça España - from here you will be able to take the train to Montserrat. See our train to Montserrat page for further details.
  • Coach: There are no direct coaches from Barcelona Airport to Montserrat. Therefore, you will need to head into Barcelona city centre for a coach to Montserrat. For further details, see our Coach to Montserrat page.

  • Facilities at Barcelona Airport

    Barcelona Airport has two main terminal buildings - terminal 1 and terminal 2. Both terminals have an impressive array of facilities.

    Parking at Airport

    Both terminals at Barcelona Airport have both long and short stay parking facilities. For details of the parking facilities see our page on Parking at Barcelona Airport.


    Both terminals at Barcelona Airport have a wide selection of shopping opportunities. However, the terminal 1 building has a larger selection of shops, including Zara, Custo Barcelona and local produce food shops. For details, follow the following links:

    Shopping at Barcelona Airport's Terminal 1.

    Shopping at Barcelona Airport's Terminal 2.

    Food and drink

    At all times of the day you should be able to find something to eat or drink at Barcelona Airport. There is everything from high class restaurants to bars and fast food joints. Follow the following links for more details:

    Eating and Drinking at BCN Terminal 1.

    Eating and Drinking at BCN Terminal 2.

    Disabled Facilities

    Staff at Barcelona Airport are legally obligated to provide you with disabled assistance during your time at the airport - from the moment that you enter the airport building to the moment that you board the plane. For details of your rights and the services for limited mobility travellers at Barcelona Airport, follow these links:

    Disabled Facilities at T1.

    Disabled Facilities at T2.

    Left luggage facilities

    You will find self-service left luggage facilities in both terminal 1 and terminal 2 at Barcelona Airport. Follow the links for details on where the left luggage service can be found, prices, locker sizes, terms and conditions and time limits:

    Left luggage at T1.

    Left luggage at T2.

    Lost property

    Each terminal at Barcelona airport has its own lost property department. The service is very organised and efficient. For details on the locations, opening times, procedure and contact details of lost property at Barcelona Airport, follow these links:

    Lost Property at Terminal 1.

    Lost Property at Terminal 2.

    Bureau de Change

    If you are looking for a currency exchange service at Barcelona Airport, you will find this at the La Caixa banks in both terminal 1 and terminal 2. For details on the services that the La Caixa's at the airports offer, click on the following links:

    Currency Exchange at Terminal 1.

    Currency Exchange atTerminal 2

    If you are planning a trip to Montserrat and have not yet booked your flight, the first place to look should be for flights to Barcelona Airport. Barcelona Airport is Catalonia's biggest airport and planes fly from the airport to 145 destinations.

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