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Overview to Abat Marcet Apartments at Montserrat Monastery

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Abat Marcet Apartments in Montserrat
Abat Marcet Apartments in Montserrat
If you wish to stay right next to Montserrat Monastery, a hotel is not your only option - you will also find that there are apartments available for you to stay in. The apartments at Montserrat are called Abat Marcet Apartments (Cel·les). They were first built in the 1960s using plans that were put together by one of the Monks - Father Pere Busquets. They are named after Abat Marcet - the abbot of Montserrat from the years 1912 to 1946.

There are a total of 92 apartments at Montserrat, allowing accommodation for up to 260 people. On arriving at Montserrat you will be amazed at how central the apartments are in relation to the Monastery. They sit in the Plaça Abat Oliba, less than one minute's walk from the Montserrat basilica. This makes them an ideal place to stay if you are coming to Montserrat to take part in a religious retreat. They also provide accommodation if you wish to spend more than one day in Montserrat so that you can go walking around Montserrat or climbing in Montserrat.

This page will provide you with all of the information that you need if you are considering renting an apartment in Montserrat. There is information on the types of apartments available, the facilities in the apartments, details on how to book the apartments and alternative accommodation options.

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What types of apartments are available at Montserrat?

At Montserrat you will be able to stay in apartments that accommodate between 1 and 4 people. The table below will provide you with the exact number of rooms that are available for each category of room:

Type of Apartment Number of Apartments
Studio (for 1 or 2 people) 14
Capacity: 2 people 34
Capacity: 3 people 12
Capacity: 4 people 32
With views of the Monastery 10
With views of the Square 35

Facilities at the apartments

Each apartment at Montserrat comes with its own individual:

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • lounge area
  • In the lounge area you will find a television and a telephone.

    On the Official Montserrat Website apartment page you can find a link to a pdf page called 'Inventory of the Cel·les' - here you will be able to find a breakdown of all of the facilities available in each room, including cutlery, crockery, lamps, bins etc.

    Shop Near Abat Marcet Apartments in Montserrat
    Shop Near Abat Marcet Apartments in Montserrat

    If you want to make use of the kitchen facilities at the apartments, you can buy supplies from the shop that sits directly opposite the apartment building. The shop is called Queviures and they sell basic supplies such as bread, milk, cheese and pasta. For more details on the location, opening times and prices in the shop, see our Guide to Shops at Montserrat.

    There are no bars, restaurants or cafes actually in the apartment building. However, throughout Montserrat there are a choice of two restaurants, two canteens and a bar. These are all in easy walking distance of the apartments. For details of all of your catering options at Montserrat, see our Guide to Restaurants at Montserrat.

    Tip It is worth taking note of the opening times of the catering facilities at Montserrat. You may find that a lot of the cheaper restaurant options (i.e. the canteens) close earlier than you expect. Therefore, if you don't want to do your own cooking in the apartments it is important to keep an eye on the closing times of the restaurants - found at the link above.

    How do I book an apartment at Montserrat?

    The following are the different options for booking an apartment at Montserrat.

    Booking online:
    To book online, you will need to go to the Official Montserrat Website. Here you will have the option of searching the dates, number of nights and number of people that you want to stay. You will be able to find out the availability.

    The service is all available in English.

    Booking your Montserrat apartment by phone:
    If you have any specific questions relating to the pricing or facilities at Montserrat Apartments, it may be best to call the information line to make your booking. They will be able to speak to you in English, and they are very helpful.

    Montserrat Apartment Information and Booking Line
     +34 93 877 7701

    Tip It is important to remember that staying at Montserrat Monastery is a very unique experience. You will be in accommodation that sits at the top of a mountain, in a wonderfully isolated location. For this reason, you should only considering staying in Montserrat Apartments if you wish to spend time in the Monastery and the surrounding natural park -getting to nearby towns is not particularly easy.

    Disabled facilities

    There are a total of three apartments at Montserrat that are adapted for you if you are a limited mobility traveller. They have widened doors and an adapted bathroom.

    All of the adapted apartments are one bedroom apartments.

    If you want to book one of the disabled rooms, it is best to send an e-mail or call to make a booking (see the information above). This will allow you to ask about specific questions that you have about the facilities. Also, when booking online there is no option to request a disabled room.


    The prices of the apartments vary depending on the size and location of the room that you are booking. They will also vary depending on what time of year you are planning to visit - if you visit during the summer months the apartments will cost considerably more than if you visit off-season.

    Due to the variation in prices, it is best to contact the Monastery directly for information on pricing (see contact details above).

    Tip If you would like information on other accommodation options both close to Montserrat Monastery and at Montserrat Monastery, check our Hotels in Montserrat page. Here you will be able to find contact details and links to more detailed pages with information on locations, prices and facilities at accommodation options around Montserrat.

    If you would like to make a trip to Montserrat and really get to know the Monastery and its surroundings, it may be a very good idea to plan to stay for a night or two. This will give you the opportunity to see everything that the area has to offer - the buildings, the walks, the concerts and the flora and fauna in the natural park. The apartments make staying right at the heart of Montserrat Monastery an affordable option. If you would like to do this it is worth trying to book ahead as far in advance as possible as the apartment spaces tend to get booked up quickly.

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