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A bird's eye view of Montserrat
A bird's eye view of Montserrat
Montserrat Monastery means different things to different people and this is all reflected in its tourist attractions. For many pilgrims to Montserrat it is an entirely spiritual experience - they come to see the Black Madonna, attend a mass or visit the cave of Santa Cova. However, if you are not a religious person you will still find that there is a great deal of interest at Montserrat Mountain and Monastery. If you are an active person you can enjoy the climbs and walks that are available all over Montserrat Mountain. If you are a nature enthusiast you can learn about and experience first hand the flora and fauna in Montserrat's natural park. If you are a music lover you will not want to miss Montserrat's famous boy's choir. Fans of art will love the works of art that are on display in Montserrat's museum. There is something for everybody in Montserrat.

This page will provide links to more detailed pages on all of the different tourist attractions at Montserrat Monastery: the Black Madonna, the Basilica, the Choir, the masses, Montserrat museums, walks around Montserrat, Montserrat Mountain, the funiculars at Montserrat, the restaurants and the shops in Montserrat. Each page will give the necessary details regarding locations, opening times, prices and contact details.

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Morning Tour

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Black Madonna

The Black Madonna statue is one of the most important and popular attractions at Montserrat Monastery. Each year thousands of pilgrims come to Montserrat to pray in front of the distinctive statue. During busy times there are long queues to see the Black Madonna. She is located in the Montserrat Basilica, framed in an ornate setting and overlooking the church's altar.

For details on the history of the Black Madonna, plus information on viewing times, location, disabled access and waiting times, see our Black Madonna of Montserrat page.

Basilica (Church)

The facade of the basilica at Montserrat
The facade of the basilica at Montserrat

The basilica at Montserrat is an ornate Renaissance structure. The basilica itself, the atrium, the chapels within the basilica and the Black Madonna (see above) are all of interest from an architectural, spiritual and historical perspective. The basilica at Montserrat is also the place where you will be able to attend masses and watch the Montserrat choir.

For information on the architect and history of the basilica, plus information on opening times, location and what you can do there, see our Basilica at Montserrat page.

Choir at Montserrat

Montserrat's boy's choir are called 'L'Escolania'. They are one of the most famous choirs in the world and people come from within and beyond Spain to hear them sing. They are known for a specific type of singing known as Gregorian chanting. The choir normally perform two times each day and their performance is open to all visitors to Montserrat.

For details on the background and routine of the choir plus performance times and a clip of the choir in action, see our Montserrat Choir page. If you are interested in purchasing some of the music produced by the choir, see our page on Music at Montserrat.

Masses in Montserrat

Each day at Montserrat there are a minimum of two masses in the Basilica. The masses take different forms depending on which one you attend. As with the choral concerts, they are all fully open to visitors to Montserrat.

For details on the location, times and variety of masses at Montserrat, see our Masses at Montserrat page.


The museum at Montserrat
The museum at Montserrat

There are two museums at Montserrat - Montserrat Museum and the Espai Audio Visual.

Montserrat Museum is an art museum with a wide selection of works dating from the thirteenth century right up to the present day. Due to the fact that Montserrat is seen mainly as a religious destination, many people are unaware of the high standard of art that is on display in the museum. Take a walk around the space and see works from the likes of Picasso, Dalí, Miró, El Greco and Degas.

For details on the opening times, location, facilities, prices and guides available at Montserrat Museum, see our Montserrat Museum page.

The Espai Audio Visual is a exposition providing information about the history of Montserrat. It also offers displays giving an insight into the daily lives of the monks that live in the Monastery. It is located inside the Monastery's book shop and also provides information about the Monastery's famous printing press.

For details on the opening times, location, prices and what's on offer at the Espai Audio Visual, see our Montserrat Espai Audio Visual page.


Montserrat Mountain
Montserrat Mountain

There are five official walks that begin at Montserrat Monastery and involve a walk around Montserrat Mountain. These walks allow you to take in different parts of the mountain and to pass by well known hermitages, landmarks and religious settings. They also vary in difficulty and length - allowing you to choose a walk that best suits your fitness and how much time you have.

For details on all of the different walks, with information on walk times, lengths and where to go to start the walks, see our Walks in Montserrat page.

Montserrat Mountain

Montserrat Mountain was officially declared to be a natural park in 1987 by the Generalitat de Catalunya. It is possible to take walks around the natural park (see above) and to take in the flora and fauna. There is also a small exhibit at the top of the Funicular de Sant Joan that provides information on the wildlife and the vegetation around the mountain.

For more information on what Montserrat Mountain has to offer, plus opening times, location and how to get to the exhibition, see our Montserrat Mountain page.


The Funicular de Sant Joan at Montserrat
The Funicular de Sant Joan at Montserrat

There are two funiculars in Montserrat (these should not be confused with the rack railway that takes you up to Montserrat Monastery).

The Funicular de Santa Cova will take you back down the mountain slightly and will drop you at the start of a walk that will allow you to visit the famous Santa Cova cave. For details on the running times, price, journey times and disabled access of the funicular, see our Funicular de Sant Cova page.

The Funicular de Sant Joan will take you even further up the Montserrat Mountain, up above the Monastery. It serves a number of purposes - it will bring you to the starting point of three potential walks around Montserrat Mountain (see above, under 'Walks around Montserrat' for more details), it will also bring you to the small exhibit on Montserrat natural park (see above, under 'Montserrat Mountain' for more details) and it will also be an exciting journey in itself offering bird's eye views of the Monastery. For details on the running times, price, journey times and disabled access of the funicular, see our Funicular de Sant Joan page.

Montserrat's shops

The book shop at Montserrat
The book shop at Montserrat

There are gift shops, book shops and a food shop at Montserrat. If you are in search of a memento of the choir, gifts for friends, artisan products made by the Monks or just a spot of lunch, you will be able to find all of these at Montserrat monastery.

For details of the opening times, locations and what's on offer in all of the shops in Montserrat, see our Shops in Montserrat page. This page will also provide links to more detailed pages explaining where you can buy, cards, arts and crafts, food and music at Montserrat Monastery.

Restaurants at Montserrat

There are food options at Montserrat to suit all tastes and budgets. There are two formal restaurants, two self-service cafeterias, a cafe and a supermarket. For details on the location, opening times, prices and booking details for all of the food options at Montserrat Monastery, see our Restaurants at Montserrat page.

There are a wide selection of tourist attractions at Montserrat Monastery. It is worth taking a good look at the options before you go. If you will only be at Montserrat for one day you will find that there is a lot to fit in. Have a look at the options ahead of your visit and you can prioritise the attractions that most appeal to you.

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