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Map of Montserrat Monastery

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Montserrat Monastery is a very unique place - it is like a very small village right at the top of Montserrat Mountain. Therefore, whilst you are there it is helpful to have a map to find your way around.

On this page we will provide you with a map of the whole of Montserrat with a key indicating the location of all of the major attractions and amenities. There is also information on the maps that you can pick up from tourist information once you have arrived at Montserrat. You will also find a link to a page where there is a map of Montserrat's location within Catalalonia.

Book tickets for your half day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona with return journey

There are two organized tours that save you the time and trouble of organizing your own trip to Montserrat. They include return journey from Barcelona to Montserrat in an air conditioned bus. You can choose either a half day morning tour or half day afternoon tour.

Morning Tour

Booking Information Click here to book your tickets online for the Montserrat Morning guided tour leaving from Barcelona

Map of Montserrat

Driving Route From Barcelona To Montserrat
(Total Distance 60 km)

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Then folow C-55 to BP-1121 leading to Montserrat

Then take A-2 to Carretera Manresa

Get on B-10 from Via Laietana

Tip If you would like to see a map of the area surrounding Montserrat Monastery and where it sits in relation to Barcelona - see our Guide to driving from Barcelona to Montserrat.

Maps available at Montserrat Monastery

Once you have arrived at Montserrat you can pick up a free map of the area if you head to one of the tourist information stands. For details of the locations of all of the points where you can get a map, see our Guide to Tourist Information at Montserrat.

At the tourist information stands you can request a map of the area. It is the same as the map shown above, and you can take it away with you to walk around with.

Also, if you are hoping to do some walks around Montserrat mountain, tourist information will give you a map of the mountain showing some of the most popular routes mapped out on the mountain. On the reverse of the map, you will find information about each walk, including directions, walk difficulty and length of the walk.

Before heading to Montserrat, get an idea of what is there and where everything is using the map that is provided above. It will not take you long to find your way around the area, but if you have an idea of where everything is before you go, you can make the most of the time that you have there.

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