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Music at Montserrat: Choir, Concerts and Music to Buy at Montserrat Monastery, Spain

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Basilica at Montserrat
Basilica at Montserrat
The most famous music at Montserrat is that produced by the world famous L'Escolania Boy's Choir. However, whilst at Montserrat you can also enjoy musical concerts performed on the organ in the Basilica.

This page will provide a link to a page on the Boy's Choir with details on performance times and the background of the choir. There is also information about other concerts that take place at Montserrat Monastery and detailed information on how to buy CDs of the concerts at Montserrat.

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L'Escolania Choir in Montserrat

The Boy's Choir at Montserrat perform at least two times a day for most of the year. They sing in the Montserrat Basilica and draw huge crowds for each performance. The fifty-strong group specialise in a type of singing known as gregorian chanting.

For details on the background of the choir, plus information on the times and dates when you can hear them sing and information on how you could join the music school and choir, see our Guide to the Choir at Montserrat page.

Concerts at Montserrat

Choral concerts are not the only type of musical events that take place at Montserrat. There is also an impressive organ located inside the Basilica, and throughout the year organ concerts take place.

If you would like to find out some information on when the organ concerts that will be taking place it is best to check the Official Montserrat Monastery website's culture page. Here you will find a link for a calendar of the organ concerts taking place.

Tip You will often find that if you go to the Basilica during the day when there is no mass taking place there will be somebody there playing the organ. There is no official timetable of when this happens, but if you fancy a bit of time for some quiet reflection, head to the basilica outside of mass time and it is possible that there will be some organ music to listen to.

Can I buy music at Montserrat?

Montserrat's own record company have recorded over 100 performances by the Boy's Choir, as well as some organ concerts.

These CDs are available in all of the gift shops at Montserrat. For a list of the gift shops at Montserrat, see our Guide to the Shop at montserrat.

You will find the largest selection of musical CDs at Montserrat's book shop - Portes Endins. This shop is where you can purchase all of the products produced by Montserrat's publishing company and record label - Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat. For details on the opening times, location and what is on offer at Portes Endins shop, see our Guide to the Book Shop in Montserrat.

Unfortunately the Montserrat CDs are not currently available to buy online.

For some people, music is the biggest draw to Montserrat, and it is central to the atmosphere and spirituality of the Monastery. Whilst you are in Montserrat, take the time to enjoy some of the music that is on offer and is free to all of Montserrat's visitors. You may find yourself heading to the gift shop to take home a CD with a little piece of Montserrat's magic.

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