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Photos of the Santa Cova Walk at Montserrat. Photographs of Statues, Views, the Shrine and Nature at Santa Cove in Montserrat Monastery in Catalonia, Spain

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For many visitors to Montserrat, a visit to the Santa Cova shrine is the priority of the trip. For a full understanding of the history of Santa Cova and what it means to religious pilgrims, see our Guide to Santa Cova at Montserrat.

Funicular de Santa Cova Station Building Funicular al Monestir - the funicular station for getting back to Montserrat Monastery Views from the walk to the Santa Cova shrine
Flowers on the path leading to the Santa Cova shrine A monument on the path to the Santa Cova shrine A statue on the route to the Sant Cova shrine
A religious sculpture on the Santa Cova pathway Butterfly artwork on the way to Santa Cova shrine The entrance to the Santa Cova chapel
A view of Santa Cova chapel

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